CAPIT: Innovation in the time of COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is accelerating at an astounding speed. It has proven to be detrimental to global economies with many businesses having to shut their doors. Business owners have to find innovative ways to survive COVID-19. Adaptability is critical during this time. Conservative perspectives will be detrimental, and bureaucratic processes crippling, for any business that wants to grow.

The virus has brought new needs to light, and this means having to reassess employee needs to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Currently, non-essential workers have relegated to remote work, but they are still exhausting the vital resources needed for essential healthcare workers. Coronavirus necessitates the use of masks, gloves and protective wear to curb its growth. However, non-essential workers are fast depleting these essential items which exacerbate the pandemic.

 Introducing CAPIT

COVID-19 was a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurial pioneering in the form of CAPIT. CAPIT is a face shield for non-clinical applications for essential workers in the retail, food and transport industry, as well as the general public. It ensures a high level of protection without depleting vital clinical protective wear from non-clinical sources.

The design was patented to limit exploitation and formulated to be as cost-effective as possible, and available for large-scale runs. CAPIT clips onto any peaked cap with modern manufacturing methods. It comprises of one polypropylene headband, integrated peak clip and one pressed cut thin film polyethylene laminate which is common in the food industry and completely safe for human contact. Sanitisation is optimal in this design – the user can unclip the visor shield and thoroughly clean both parts with alcohol wipes or any other suitable hygienic solution.

Business reimagined

We're living in unprecedented times, and the economy is under considerable strain. The onus is on businesses to find disruptive ways to conduct business without compromising on the safety of their staff or customers. Whilst CAPIT praises companies delivering solutions through 3D printed models, these systems are costly and not built for scale which risks us not reaching the broader public in time, whereas the CAPIT solution is a high-quality injection moulded product, able to deliver tens of thousands of devices in just weeks, ultimately delivering the scale needed to get the economy back on track, and people can get back to work. Businesses like AxxonSoft UK and SecurityBis UK have recognised the importance of ensuring business continuity even under dire circumstances. Both companies have pledged 500 CAPIT masks for essential workers, contributing to the safety of employees while ensuring that clinical staff are not prejudiced by losing out on protective gear.

Lamenting the hard times ahead is futile. Agile businesses know the importance of finding a new normal and taking advantage of new opportunities to sustain an old business or kick off a new one. Intellectual preparation is not enough. Exploring a new venture begins with taking advantage of an opportunity in preparation for whatever lies ahead. COVID-19 is far from over, and a reactive response can have far-reaching consequences.

Thanks to CAPIT, businesses can contribute to the protection of their staff and customers; or consider investing back into the economy by sponsoring the community or NHS with CAPIT protective visor shields. A good corporate citizen supports others within the supply chain – from the communities in which they work and play to local government.

Contributing to the intersection between acute social needs and economic input allows you to have an even higher purpose as a business and collective humanity. Therefore, our question to you is – Are you fulfilling your role as a responsible business and good corporate citizen? If yes, continue to do so and inspiring others to do the same! If not, well, there's no better time to start than the present. Do your bit and let's get people back to work and rebuilding the economy once again.

For more information on how to purchase CAPIT visor shields for your business or sponsor shields for your community or the NHS, visit or contact one of our volunteers on +44 175 362 0863 or via email